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Extrovert CEOs may be more likely to hurt their companies than to help them. Photograph: iStock

The stereotypical image of a successful corporate leader is of a charismatic extrovert, a persuasive and sociable fellow (it’s usually a fellow) who c(...)

Teamwork is relational and requires getting to know each other and building foundations that allow you to trust or disagree safely. Photograph: Getty Images

When it comes to teamwork, true collaboration is harder than we tend to think. It is also is a richly emotional business. If you find yourself ruminat(...)

Busy workplaces can be a daily challenge for introverts. Photograph: iStock

Do you dread those morning brainstorm meetings, avoid small talk by the coffee machine at all costs, or simply feel drained by the frenzied office env(...)

If we were more willing to go to a conference feeling entitled to take the recharge breaks we need, the entire experience would be more comfortable
How to get the best from conferences
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  • October 16, 2015, 13:00

For introverts, attending a conference can feel exhausting. But if you avoid conferences – or just avoid talking to anyone while attending them – it c(...)