Steven Flynn

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Herdwatch founder Fabien Peyaud. The Roscrea-based company has 7,500 users.

New Innovators focuses on new products, services and technologies from Irish start-ups and has been running weekly since 2010. Here we catch up with t(...)

Steven Flynn and Susan Talbot of Skytango: “Our users will be anyone interested in aerial content.”

Award-winning film-makers, Susan Talbot and Steven Flynn, are the brains behind Skytango, a new aerial content service aimed at those producing broadc(...)

DJI’s mid-range ‘Inspire’ drone which retails for about €3,500: While drones have not yet manifested themselves in large numbers at public events, it may only be a matter of time

It’s Saturday afternoon at the Aviva. As Ireland and Wales emerge on the sun-bleached pitch to see out this Six Nations Championship, the crowd ris(...)