Steve Jobs

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‘Thanks to those who give us perspective. This moment we are in, here in America, is dark and exquisitely painful.’ Photograph: iStock/Getty Images

It’s a strange thing, Thanksgiving. As a kid growing up in Ireland, I saw it in movies and never really understood it. I thought it was a made-up even(...)

The event took place in the Light House cinema in Smithfield.

Like its parent event, Re:publica Dublin – the spin-off of the hugely popular annual Berlin-based Re:publica digital society festival – proved again t(...)

SurveyMonkey chief executive Zander Lurie: “There are more than three billion knowledge workers globally and they all need to be actively listening and to have more insights that help their organisations work better.”

When SurveyMonkey was thrown into crisis following the unexpected death of its beloved chief executive Dave Goldberg (AKA Mr Sheryl Sandberg) just ove(...)

Apple chief executive Tim Cook’s shares award is worth $89.2 million (€74.1 million), based on Apple’s $159.27 closing price.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook collected 560,000 shares, half of them linked to the company’s performance and the maximum allowed under the iPhone mak(...)

Diane does not look like someone who would drug your venison chilli. She sits on a San Francisco patio, her dewy blue eyes lucid, her blonde, subtly a(...)

One of Apple’s most fiercely guarded secrets? The name of the next iPhone. It’s known that the device will launch later this year, complete with a stainless steel and glass body, a better screen and a speedy 3-D sensor that recognizes your face.

One of Apple’s most fiercely guarded secrets? The name of the next iPhone. It’s known that the device will launch later this year, complete with a sta(...)

Kesha: the $ in her name seems to have gone walkabout lately. Photograph: AFP/Angela Weissange

SÉAMUS FOGARTY Short Ballad for a Long Man Domino HHHH “As a young man I was never one for sitting still at school / When I went to London Town I was(...)

Lucinda Chambers at Paris Fashion Week in 2016. The former ‘Vogue’ fashion director has spoken candidly about being dropped by the British edition of the magazine

Last week, Lucinda Chambers broke two golden rules on how to behave when you have just been sacked. The former fashion director of British Vogue gave(...)

“Apple Park is Steve Jobs’s last, posthumous, hurrah; as a vanity project it is roughly on a par with Nicolae Ceausescu’s People’s Palace in Bucharest.” Photograph: Robert Galbraith/Reuters

A giant spaceship has landed in Cupertino. This summer, 12,000 Apple employees will start to move into this great disc of a building, which has been e(...)

 A man uses his iPhone during a preview event at the  Apple Store in Williamsburg, New York City, US. File photograph: Andrew Kelly/Reuters

The iPhone has just celebrated its 10th birthday. When the iPhone launched in the US on July 29th, 2007, it sold 1 million units within two months. To(...)

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