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Neon: The female avatar (who is dressed very similarly to Steve Jobs) has been in development at STAR Labs for several years

Samsung is building hype for the unveiling of its Neon project at CES 2020. Neon is an “artificial human” or, if you look at Pranav Mistry’s Twitter a(...)

Each simulated human – which would exist only on screens, not in the real world – would be called Neon.

Samsung Electronics’ experimental research arm has brought to CES 2020 a demonstration of what it calls the world’s first artificial human, a virtual (...)

Apple CEO Tim Cook got $125 million in remuneration last year, a figure that was down $11 million on the previous year.

Apple chief executive Tim Cook made $125 million (€112 million) in the company’s 2019 fiscal year, less than the year before, due in part to a lower b(...)

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg holds a placard reading “School strike for the climate”. Photograph: Hanna Franzen/TT News Agency/AFP/Getty Images

Well, that was quite something. The 2010s it was called. I was a different man at the start of it, listening to California Gurls by Katy Perry, contem(...)

Uber founder Travis Kalanick has now sold more than 90 per cent of his shareholding at the time of the ride-hailing group’s initial public offering in May. Photograph: iStock

Travis Kalanick has sold the majority of his stake in Uber, liquidating more than $2.5 billion (€2.26 billion) worth of stock in less than two months.(...)

 Leinster’s Jimmy O’Brien:  “I’d say I was more of an introvert.” Photograph: Dan Sheridan

As soon as the former England coach settled into Dublin, during the autumn of 2016, he showed Leinster players his own personality profile. They saw (...)

‘Children with unsupervised internet access is a norm in urgent need of a national discussion.’ Photograph: iStock

A teacher I know recently asked her first year students to collaborate on a list of their needs and wants. The “needs” list featured just five items: (...)

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd has died.
Mark Hurd, CEO of Oracle, dies

Mark Hurd, who was chief executive officer of three major technology companies including Oracle, has died. He was 62. Most recently Hurd was co-CEO a(...)

Ogilvy vice-chairman Rory Sutherland believes that “illogic is at times uniquely powerful”.

Assuming people behave rationally is fraught with danger. If they did, then why would they pay more for perfumed soap when cheaper unscented soap does(...)

As a parent, it is hard not to wonder exactly what you’re doing when you put a smartphone into your child’s hands for the first time. Photograph: iStock

This isn’t going to be easy Saturday morning reading. These are things that are difficult to talk about, difficult to think about. The boy was 14 yea(...)

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