Steve Albini

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Dave Haslam: 'Mark E Smith always seemed to symbolise something beyond himself'

Studio 54, Cream, CBGBs – some places have delicious mythology battered into their very foundations. The Hacienda, likewise, was ground zero for a Man(...)

Tony Visconti: “Morrissey has a knack of pushing people away from him. It’s the way he lives his life.”Photograph: Cindy Ord/WireImage for NARAS

Two short years ago this Wednesday, David Bowie’s death stunned the world. Producer Tony Visconti began a creative relationship with Bowie in 1969, pr(...)

With the 10-year anniversary tour of their beloved third album, Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs Whatever, still ringing in their ears, it would have been t(...)

Cloud Nothings has come a long way since Dylan Baldi first started dabbling in bedroom recordings around 2008. The Ohio man had worked with the like(...)

They released their first two records on prestigious indie label Matador Records, but this über-serious Brighton trio have taken the independent route(...)

Steve Albini plays guitar and sings in the band Shellac. He’s also a renowned recording engineer, helping to commit albums such as Nirvana’s In Utero,(...)

Most musicians agree that releasing an album is a bit like launching your child into the world; you shape and mould them to be the best that they can,(...)