Stefan Murphy

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The Raincoats can be seen on screen at Black Box, Belfast on Saturday

Saturday January 12 THE BIG GIG Tramline, Dublin 8pm €12 One of the major sections of the First Fortnight Festival is the “Big Gig”(...)

How do you evaluate an album of only eight tracks, each lasting less than 90 seconds? Tales from the Megaplex is ex-Mighty Stef frontman Stefan Murphy(...)

Stefan Murphy aka Count Vaseline: the lifelong Elvis fan is halfway through a 40-date US tour with guitarist Jairo Estrada: “Once you remove alcohol and drugs from the equation, the anecdotes get a little tamer.” Photograph: Victoria Renard

Atlanta in mid-July. In heat this intense, most normal people sit indoors, board up their windows and listen to the sidewalks crack. Not Stefan Murphy(...)

Stefan Murphy is a man who knows about the hardships of being a musician. The Dubliner’s ups and downs have been plentiful, but his defian(...)