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The Children’s School Lives study found that about half of teachers feel standardised tests are causing anxiety among children and parents. Photograph: iStock

Teachers are concerned about rising levels of anxiety among primary school children linked to issues such as parents’ working lives, family breakdown (...)

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Most primary school children had very limited remote tuition during school closures earlier this year, a new survey indicates. The findings are conta(...)

In cases where vulnerable children remain out of school for a protracted period, the impact will be long lasting and profound. Photograph: iStock

As we emerge from lockdown and the immediate threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, we need to talk about the impact of school closure on the younger genera(...)

A key impact on children’s lives The heightened scheduling of children’s lives and their “hot housing” to ever greater levels of “success”. Photograph: iStock

A landmark study of primary schooling in Ireland is being conducted by UCD school of education. Funded by the National Council for Curriculum and As(...)