Seamus Lyons

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Dublin’s emergency ambulances are provided mainly by DFB while outside the capital ambulances are provided by the HSE.  Photograph Paddy Whelan

and The HSE has drawn up a comprehensive plan to take control of Dublin’s ambulance service (...)

A water meter being installed. Irish Water is due to take over responsibility for the delivery of water services on January 1st next.

Irish Water will be barred from cutting off supplies to households who do not pay their bills under legislation published yesterday.The Water Services(...)

From January 1st next year all statutory responsibilities for water services, together with all water and sewage infrastructure currently controlled by local authorities, will transfer to Irish Water.

Assistant city manager Séamus Lyons said it remained unclear which services would be transferred to the new utility and how local author(...)

New rules, approved by Dublin City Councillors this week, require all householders and businesses to have their waste collected by “an approved collector” or disposed of at a proper waste facility

Householders will have to prove how they dispose of their waste or face fines or court action under new bylaws.The new measures to tackle illeg(...)