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Lambert Wilson as Jacques Cousteau

One for the hauntologists. The cod-French voiceovers at the beginning of Spongebob Squarepants episodes and Wes Anderson’s 2004 dramedy The Life Aquat(...)

Paula Beer plays Anna who lives with her finance’s parents after his death.

After her fiance’s death in the first World War, Anna (Paula Beer) continues to live with her husband-to-be’s devastated parents, Hans (Ernst Stötzner(...)

Cultural assistant Anousha Bonnemaison, co-ordinator Marina Oracolo  and stylist Emily Callanan  at the launch of the Cork French Film Festival, which runs March 5th-12th at venues throughout the city. Photograph: Clare Keogh

It was only released in France last October, but L’Odyssée, which opens this year’s Cork French Film Festival, will bring cinephiles of a certain age (...)

You would be surprised if any film about Yves Saint Laurent ended up looking like something le chat (...)