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Dr Andrey Shkoporov at APC Microbiome Ireland SFI Research Centre in UCC: has been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Research Career Development Fellowship,  Photograph: Clare Keogh

The human body contains trillions of viruses known as bacteriophages, which attack and live inside bacteria that form part of the human gut – the mix (...)

Prof Paul Ross, Head, College of Science, Engineering and Food Science, UCC. Photograph: Tomas Tyner/UCC

The trillions of cells which make up the human microbiome represent a treasure trove of new drugs, functional food ingredients and other health-giving(...)

CurrencyFair chief executive Paul Byrne: “The next year will also likely show small losses as the business is transitioning but we’re pretty much profitable now”

Losses more than doubled at Irish-based fintech firm CurrencyFair last year despite a sharp rise in turnover, as increased investments in the company’(...)

Milk has become the latest food to be gifted its own menu. Photograph: iStock

‘Raw Jersey milk okay?” asked the barista from Golden Bean Coffee. The lady in the queue directly ahead of me said yes, that was fine, she would like (...)

New cheese manufacturing technology developed by Teagasc and the Irish Dairy Board could open up new markets for Irish dairy products and create entirely new ranges and categories of cheese

A highly innovative new cheese manufacturing technology developed by Teagasc’s Dairy Innovation Centre in conjunction with the Irish Dairy Board (IDB)(...)

Could Cork develop a “food valley” to boost innovation, particularly in dairy? That’s an idea being floated ahead of the abolition of EU milk q(...)