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‘It is also advisable to check if the title to the property is registered with the Land Registry’ Photograph: iStock

My grandmother died and I’m her only grandchild. I need to know where the deed to her house is? I assume that you are your grandmother’s successor i(...)

It’s best to route water pipes from your property directly to the surface water sewer in the public road.

l recently built a garage to the rear of my property. Since then the local authority have stipulated that I need to connect the run-off water into a w(...)

The liabilities in this situation are not straightforward

I recently purchased a house and there is a large garden to the rear. Some time ago the previous owners and the man next door removed the boundary hed(...)

A deed map will be an integral part of the deed of conveyance

Q Many years ago I purchased an old townhouse and I have lived there since 1975. I am now at a stage that I cannot maintain it and I wish to sell it. (...)

Two houses, one driveway: the term “shared driveway”, while correct, is open to misinterpretation

Q. I am currently in the process of purchasing a property. The property comes with a shared driveway. I have a slight issue regarding the two maps pro(...)

Cutting a hedge with electrical hedge trimmer. Photograph: Istock

QI have a hedge in my garden, and my neighbour also has one on their side, so they back on to each other. Can I remove part of the hedge on my side i(...)

Acacia dealbata: It is difficult to trace and record tree roots. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

My neighbour will not allow me to erect a block wall between our properties. The wall is standard between many of the houses in our estate so it is i(...)

On the issue of wall height, it is necessary to have planning permission if the height exceeds 2m at the sides and rear, and 1.2m at the front along the public road
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Q I am considering buying a three-bedroom semi-detached house. The garden adjoins the garden next door. I have a dog and would like to build a wall ar(...)

Leylandii trees and hedges are 
problematic in residential areas – they are fast growing, difficult to control 

and considerably reduce light to 

nearby windows
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Q We are having a dispute with our neighbour who as a result is threatening to plant mature leylandii trees on his side of a boundary wall. There are (...)