Nina Stibbe

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Authors and critics choose the books that have moved and impressed them this year Colm Tóibín Hilary Fannin’s ‘The Weight of Love’ is a complex(...)

Meg Mason

Sometimes the funniest people are the saddest. This is the driving force of Meg Mason’s stellar new novel. The title Sorrow and Bliss is entirely fitt(...)

Katherine Heiny’s second novel Early Morning Riser charts the lives of ordinary folks in a wise and witty narrative.

Who isn’t in need of a feelgood read these days? Katherine Heiny’s second novel is the perfect antidote to these anxious times, a comfort blanket of a(...)

AJ Pearce: Echoes of the innocent antics of ‘The Four Marys’ abound

In her witty, deceptively simple debut, AJ Pearce conjures up a world of courage and perseverance that seems sadly alien to modern life in the West. S(...)

Kirsty Logan: storytelling is to the fore in the Scottish writer’s captivating second collection

The writer EM Forster defines story as a chronological sequence that has at its centre the material of events and people: “The king dies and then the (...)

‘I whisper therefore I am not an irritation. I whisper therefore I am.” Miriam Delaney hasn’t left her house in three years. When she speaks, the word(...)

Alan Bennett: mistaken for a Coronation Street star. Photograph: Marco Secchi/Getty

In 1982, when Nina Stibbe was 20, she moved from Leicestershire to London to take a job as nanny to two young boys. Her employer was Mary-Kay Wilmers,(...)