Residents in Northern Ireland will be affected by Thursday’s controversial High Court decision that applicants for citizenship must have “unbroken” residence here for a year before they apply. File photograph: Frank Miller

Some Northern Ireland residents will be affected by a High Court decision that applicants for citizenship must have “unbroken” residence here for a ye(...)

On Wednesday, the High Court ruled that an applicant must have “unbroken” residence in Ireland for a year dating up to their application date. Photograph: iStock

When Bill Liao, who arrived in Ireland from Australia around 10 years ago, heard of Wednesday’s High Court ruling on citizenship applications, his fir(...)

Conroy Gold chairman Richard Conroy: “I am delighted at these excellent drilling results”

Irish exploration company Conroy Gold and Natural Resources has discovered an “extensive gold zone” in Co Monaghan. The company, which announced a 1,(...)

Garda Noel Callan had suffered from publicity due to media coverage of the case and it had caused a lot of distress for him, the court heard. File photograph: Collins

A garda left with a disfigured fingernail after a patrol car door slammed on the little finger of his left hand while he was restraining a drunk and v(...)

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan: “The judgment recognises, for the first time, that there is a constitutional right to an environment that is consistent with the human dignity and wellbeing of citizens at large.” Photograph: Eric Luke

The recognition for the first time in an Irish court of a constitutional right to environmental protection “consistent with the human dignity and well(...)

Sinn Féin  Education Spokesperson, Carol Nolan, claimed the Government was ‘causing untold distress to survivors of school child sexual abuse’. Photograph: Laura Hutton/Collins Photo Agency

The Government has been accused of doing “everything in its power” to deny justice to hundreds of children who suffered sexual abuse in State schools.(...)