Mr Deering

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Ger Deering: “I have found that it is still the case that some providers are not willing to listen to or engage sufficiently with their customers”

A couple whose lender became obstructive after they fell into arrears with their buy-to-let mortgage, were awarded €90,000 in compensation last year a(...)

Ger Deering said most lenders are abiding by his advice not to proceed with court action against customers whose complaints are under investigation by the ombudsman

The financial services ombudsman has been urged to do more to help protect vulnerable and elderly people from possible monetary abuse. Appearing at a(...)

Ger Deering was the first commissioner for taxi regulation Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / The Irish Times

Former taxi regulator Ger Deering has been appointed as financial services ombudsman, replacing Bill Prasifka, who has completed a five-year term in t(...)