Marina Everri

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Zeeko’s digital trend report for 2016 found  that girls are more cautious about online interaction with strangers

Online experiences of girls and boys diverge significantly, as reflected in Zeeko’s digital trend report for 2016. Secondary-school girls report hi(...)

Secondary-school girls report higher levels of both being cyberbullied (22 per cent versus 11 per cent of their male peers) and of experiencing cyberbullying happening to people around them

Almost half of teenagers in their final year at school say they have participated in sexting – an activity that increases progressively through each y(...)

Pictured at NovaUCD is Dr Marina Everri, head of research, Zeeko, with Cian Sheehy (11). Photograph: Nick Bradshaw / FOTONIC

Internet safety start-up Zeeko is to evaluate the side effects of virtual reality (VR) technology on children’s health after securing €100,000 in fund(...)