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Chinese worshippers receive the Eucharist from a priest as they attend a Mass on  Christmas Eve 2018 at a Catholic church in Beijing. Photograph:  Wang Zhao/AFP/Getty Images

The persecution of Christians in China is the worst it has been for more than a decade, with at least 50 million people expected to experience some fo(...)

Catholic clergy arrive in a procession for Mass on Holy Thursday, ahead of Easter celebrations at Beijing’s government-sanctioned South Cathedral  last week. Photograph: Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images

As speculation grows about an imminent deal between the Vatican and Beijing to re-establish relations, Beijing insisted it has made real efforts towa(...)

Pope Francis has sought to make a deal with China since he became pontiff in March 2013. Photograph: Reuters

An accord establishing diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Beijing will come “sooner or later” because of the current pope’s “wisdom” and w(...)

Retired Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen: ‘Am I the major obstacle in the process of reaching a deal between the Vatican and China? If that is a bad deal, I would be more than happy to be the obstacle.’ File photograph: Paul Yeung/Reuters

China’s most outspoken cleric, the retired Hong Kong cardinal Joseph Zen, has accused the Vatican of “selling out” the Catholic Church in China after (...)

Former Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang and his wife Selina arrive the High Court in Hong Kong. Photograph: Reuters

Hong Kong’s former chief executive Donald Tsang, the highest-ranking ex-official to be charged in the city’s history, has been sentenced to 20 months (...)

Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters sleep under umbrellas in the middle of the road outside government offices. Photograph: Dennis M Sabangan/EPA

After a turbulent week, Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests subsided today as civil servants went back to work and students returned to school, but lea(...)

Thousands of protesters occupy a main street at Mongkok shopping district in Hong Kong. Photograph:  Reuters

Twirling a handful of yellow ribbons pressed into my hand to signify peace with Hong Kong’s protesters, and with eyes reddened by tear gas, I’m ponde(...)

 Thousands of university students from across Hong Kong attend the start of a week-long boycott. Photograph: Jerome Favre/EPA

Thousands of students from all over Hong Kong began a week-long boycott yesterday to protest against the Beijing government’s decision to rule out (...)