Jonathan Sumption has warned of creeping totalitarianism in the British government’s actions in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, which he says threaten the constitutional system and its freedoms. Photograph: Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images

The day before England went into its second national lockdown this week, the House of Commons voted by 516 to 38 in favour of the restrictions, with L(...)

For countries within the Schengen area, the restrictions on travel were lifted on June 15th, and restrictions between the Schengen area and non-members of the European Union came to an end on July 6th. Photograph: Getty Images

Guidelines in relation to travel must be embodied in law if they are to be enforced on members of the public, including civil and public servants, int(...)

One thing that still unites the warring factions in England is the belief that Westminster is “the mother of all parliaments”. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga

There are two things we know about revolutions. One is that they get more radical as they go along. The revolutionaries start out demanding specific r(...)