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Joshua Burnside’s debut album, Ephrata, won the Northern Ireland Music Prize in 2017. The second album from the Lisburn born and Belfast based songwri(...)

He began his career in music as a Phil Lynott-loving bass player in cover bands in his native Killybegs, Co Donegal. These days, John Doherty is pitch(...)

Dublin-based, Kerry-born Ronan Kealy has been swatting off descriptions of his folk music (“off kilter”, “odd”, “quirky”, et al) for the past 18 month(...)

Solid Air: “It was almost uncomfortable to listen to as it felt so personal,” says Cathy McGuiness (left) of Pillow Queens

It’s a really vivid memory. It was the end of a party in Arklow, with the old reliables still flying the flag. We were reluctant, struggling musicians(...)

Niall Thomas follows the old adage of writing about what you know. Night Sky Blue is a heart-warming selection of tender songs about daily life, human(...)

Marc O’Reilly isn’t exactly a household name, despite a critically acclaimed debut album in 2011. Human Herdings (...)

Luka Bloom: Head & Heart
  • Music
  • March 14, 2014, 00:00

Luka Bloom is mining the space between the notes with increasing precision. In Head & Heart he continues the exploration, in intriguing compan(...)

Forget the clichéd “difficult second album” syndrome: it took Giuliano Nistri 10 years to write and three years to produce his first one. Despite its (...)

Sam Amidon is trying his hardest to rein in his inner fanboy, but it’s impossible. He just can’t help it. “I mean, Martin Hayes, ” he says with the(...)

Doctor Millar: C48

After two decades of making music in various forms, including compositions for theatre, Seán Millar uses his sixth album to indulge his love of 197(...)

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