Jesus Christ

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu: his work for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa showed his commitment to victims, that they should not be forgotten, a process in short supply here. Photograph: David Turnley/Getty Images

In my late teens I read a book that fundamentally changed my understanding of church. The book was Naught for your Comfort, an exposure of the scandal(...)

In the ancient world, the dove was a universally recognised symbol of innocence, gentleness, nurture, and humility. Photograph: Roberto Machado Noa/Getty Images

The word augur has interesting roots. It comes from the Latin – avis ( a bird) and garrio (chatter). In ancient Rome officials called augurs were cons(...)

Pope Francis in his Christmas address said that Jesus comes “where human dignity is put to the test. He comes to ennoble the excluded and he first reveals himself to them; not to educated and important people, but to poor working people.” Photograph: Fabio Frustaci/EPA

The editorial Inspiring the Hopeless in this newspaper on Christmas Eve was about the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ for the world. It ment(...)

The former amateur boxer who represented Nevada in the US Congress as a Democrat for more than 30 years died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. Photograph: Jason Reed/ Reuters

Harry Reid, the pugnacious son of a Nevada hard-rock miner who rose from poverty to become the US Senate majority leader and earned a reputation as a (...)

Where did Christmas jumpers come from? How did they become so wildly popular? Is there any end to them? Who knows and no.  Photograph: iStock

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Yes, yes we are. It is time for our occasional Christmas A to Z full of random trivia and the occasional money sav(...)

A  street in downtown Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Photograph: Adriana Zehbrauskas/The New York Times

Seventeen people, including three children, associated with an American Christian aid group, were kidnapped on Saturday by a gang in Port-au-Prince, H(...)

Job is forced to abandon his notion of a made-to-measure God who will respond to his every whim and face a greater reality. Photograph: Getty Images

‘I know how you feel.” We often say it to people going through difficult times and mean well. It can undoubtedly be a genuine expression of sympathy b(...)

The High Court had been asked to determine whether the Oireachtas intended the meaning of ‘charitable purposes’ to include the ‘advancement of religion’.

An evangelical Christian charity helping alleviate poverty in developing countries must pay its annual €4,000 rates bill in Dublin, the High Court has(...)

‘Recently congregations have suffered devastating and disproportionate losses because of Covid’

When I was a boy the biggest event to happen in our family was when my grandfather’s sister, a nun, came home from America. If Jesus Christ himself ha(...)

Archbishop John McDowell described the service at Armagh’s Church of Ireland St Patrick’s Cathedral  as ‘an honest attempt to respect differences’

Church of Ireland Primate Archbishop John McDowell has described the controversial service at Armagh’s Church of Ireland St Patrick’s Cathedral on Oct(...)

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