Michael Crichton: chose not to practise medicine and instead became a one-man entertainment industry. Photograph: Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images

As a self-published writer with a comic novel and two column collections to my name, I have little time for the precious sensibilities of the traditio(...)

Dr Anthony Fauci: new polls show that the smear from Trumpworld may be starting to stick; fewer Republicans trust the doctor now than in the spring. Photograph: Al Drago/The New York Times)

Never mind Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. You want to see a real can’t-look-away train wreck of a relationship? Look to the nation’s capital, where a me(...)

The ‘story’ is recounted in short, simple phrases that follow a logical sequence and is clear enough that those with mild learning difficulties can also understand it. File photograph: Getty

Today’s data-saturated output of evidence-based medical science invites the inference that the “art of medicine” is in temporary abeyance. So, it is r(...)

A doctor increases the likelihood of a test being accurate when s/he uses this ‘prior knowledge’ to decide when and what type of test to order in each case

You have arrived at your doctor’s surgery or the consultant’s clinic. You have the story of your symptoms roughly ready in your head: for example wher(...)