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And you thought your first day of secondary school was scary. Starting in college is a whole new world: yes, you’re independent, but you’re also respo(...)

Sarah McInerney: ‘The Late Debate’ presenter’s  sharp line of questioning is a welcome switchblade of sanity at times. Photograph: RTÉ

With the news on Tuesday that a Russian diplomat was expelled from Ireland as an ‘act of solidarity’ with the UK in response to the chemical attack on(...)

Many at third-level have only ever attended single-sex schools, and the sudden availability of legal alcohol, sex, student politics and freedom can be an intoxicating mix that leads to trouble. Photo: iStock

“You’re not in school anymore, we don’t hold your hand. If you don’t hand in your assignments or show up for lectures, there’s no detention. Nobody is(...)

Pulse Port Beach Sprint Triathlon, Port Beach, Co Louth:  competitors gather for the start of the Women’s  race. Photograph: ©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Getting fit doesn’t need to mean slogging it out in the gym. One of the best fitness motivators is to sign up for an event and to tell everyone you a(...)