The local multiplier effect means that every €100 spent in the local economy is actually worth €500. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

There was no sign of much change in consumer behaviour as folk lined up in their hundreds to buy cheap clothes from Penneys when its flagship shop on (...)

Nowhere gets on this list of Ireland’s best destination plates – part of our 100 best restaurants, cafes and places to eat in Ireland 2018 – through a(...)

Stiegl’s Grapefruit Radlers is made with 60 per cent fruit soda and 40 per cent lager

My first (supervised) alcoholic drink was a half pint of lager shandy after a trip to “the pictures” with my mum. I was probably too distracted by the(...)

The Burren in Co Clare.

In the late Seamus Heaney’s poem Postscript, he beseeches the reader to take the time to drive out west to Co Clare’s Flaggy Shore where the Atlantic (...)

Darragh Conboy and John Connolly of Hazel Mountain Chocolate

The Burren’s Wild Honey Inn this week became the first pub in Ireland to win a Michelin star. With an appetite for sourcing fresh produce from indigen(...)

There’s almost nothing at once as soothing and slightly bold as a large cup full of chocolate. Photograph: Getty Images

I’ve been on a mission for the perfect hot chocolate for some time now, experimenting in my kitchen with warming milk and powders and buttons and mars(...)

Ali Budan,  a barista  at The Fumbally, Dublin 8, uses a  Clever Dripper or a Kalita Wave, depending on her mood.

We may be traditionally known as a nation of tea drinkers but coffee is fast becoming the hot beverage of choice in Ireland with specialised coffee sh(...)

A small piece of my heart forever remains in the Burren, for this is a place that guarantees an authentic outdoor experience. The sublime enigma of t(...)