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The latest report of the Corncrake Conservation Project indicates that the number of calling males in Ireland last year was 151, up 11 on the previous year. File image:  Andy Hay/RSPB/PA Wire.

One swallow does not a summer make; neither does a modest annual increase in the number of corncrakes after years of decline. But latest report of t(...)

When using outdoor gym equipment, it is important to read the instructions to minimise the chance of injury. Photograph: iStock

You have probably seen them in your local park: outdoor gyms, made up of a number of exercise machines designed for adults, are becoming more and more(...)

Cormac Tierney: Architecture is quite vocational in that sense and you do it for the love and romance of building and design, not to get an easy pay day

Cormac Tierney (22) graduated from a three-year BSc in architecture degree at UCD in 2017. He took a year out to see if he enjoyed the professional si(...)

Mark Dempsey: Can I go back and complete my master’s?

Mark Dempsey is a freelance graphic designer specialising in web design and digital solutions for business (see He is interested in p(...)

Alan Hayes studied three years of civil engineering for a level 7 degree and is in his last of two years studying structural engineering at level 8

Deciding on a postgraduate course can be massively confusing. Unlike in school, where there’s no end of advice from parents, teachers and guidance co(...)

The Irish Georgian Society has put out an open call for applications to its conservation grants scheme 2015 to provide financial support for works to structures of significant architectural merit. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Anyone who has ever embarked on a faithful restoration will know the lonely furrow they plough – long hours, expensive materials and sometimes little (...)