Joanne Hayes in 1985. Ms Hayes was charged with murder on May 1st, 1984, but the charge was dropped. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Gardaí investigating the killing of Baby John, found washed up on a beach in Kerry more than 30 years ago, believe the fact the infant lived for three(...)

 Kerry Babies protest at Leinster House in 1985 supporting Joanna Hayes. Photograph: Paddy Whelan

A blood sample at the centre of the Kerry Babies case was stored for 34 years until such time as scientific developments allowed for comprehensive DNA(...)

DNA profiling allows for certitude when determining the parentage of an individual because DNA is inherited directly from parent to child

Significant advances in DNA technology over the past three decades have made it possible to prove that Joanne Hayes was not the mother of Baby John, w(...)

Forensic Science Ireland  has told the Garda that, due to budget and staffing constraints, the laboratory has to limit what items it will examine for DNA samples.

The Garda have been told that full DNA tests of crime scenes will not be carried out in the case of “volume crimes”, such as burglary or car theft, d(...)

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald said the value of the DNA database had ‘exceeded all expectations’ since its introduction in November 2015. Photograph: Maxwells.

A new DNA database has provided critical information in more than 600 crimes including two murders, the Minister for Justice has said. Frances Fitzge(...)