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 1.The Irish Problem 2. The North 3. The South 4. The Troubles 5. The Crossness 6. The Clones Affray 7. B Specials 8. Unapproved Road 9. (...)

The dinghy class is far from past its sell-by date and up to 50 boats are still actively sailed. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

A small piece of Irish sailing history will be celebrated this weekend when a 14-foot dinghy will be fondly remembered for its role in kick-starting t(...)

Life’s work: the first folio of William Shakespeare’s plays, from 1623. Photograph:  Graeme Robertson/Getty

Colm Tóibín Author Favourite play: Hamlet gave me permission to put an antic disposition on whenever the notion took me, to go all melancholy any(...)

The 1916 Rebellion began in Enniscorthy in the early morning on the Thursday of Easter week, with the Athenaeum, a building close to the castle in th(...)

John Boyne. Photograph: Dave Meehan

Toastie Hughes goes to Paris, kills a stranger, and returns home to wife, family and adult education course without a second thought. Toastie earns hi(...)

‘Reading is a choice. Not only in the obvious sense of taking up a book, or taking up one book and not another, but when reading the book at hand. It’s assessing the facts of the case (even the fictional ones) and seeing some as more relevant to a satisfying reading than others.’

George O’Brien is Professor Emeritus of English at Georgetown University, Washington DC. He is author of three memoirs, The Village of Longing, Dan(...)