Gary Kearney

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The Oliver St John Gogarty in Temple Bar, Dublin. Until now the use of public space by cafes, restaurants, pubs and other businesses has been highly regulated by Dublin City Council. File photograph: Getty

Dublin businesses have been invited by Dublin City Council to apply for permission to put tables and chairs outside their premises, despite safety con(...)

Chime’s head of advocacy Brendan Lennon and Gary Kearney: “Chime is a more modern name with positive words.”
DeafHear changes name to Chime

Gary Kearney (54) still remembers waking up in his hospital bed eight years ago with double vision and a headache, unsure where he was or what had hap(...)

Safefood has expressed concerns that foods with less strict standards than currently apply in the EU may cross the border from the North into the Repu(...)

Guilty pleasure: The FSAI received almost 750 complaints about suspected food poisoning in 2016

Many of us associate food poisoning with eating shellfish in dodgy restaurants in foreign holiday resorts or eating undercooked chicken or pork at a s(...)

Your goose is cooked!

The latest European report on foodborne infectious diseases is a timely reminder of the heightened risk of food poisoning at this time of year. No one(...)