Pope John Paul II in Drogheda, 1979. Photograph: The Irish Times

It isn’t clear why John Igoe decided 5,000 was the correct number of sandwiches to make for the pope’s visit to Knock in 1979. But he certainly oversh(...)

Tim Curry in It (1990).

Otto the Clown, aka Edward Fossett Junior, is a fifth generation performer at Fossett’s Circus. At the height of last year’s clown-related hysteria – (...)

Mr Justice Raymond Groarke directed the Fossett brothers to give an undertaking that an accountant who has recently been appointed by the company would make returns to the Revenue Commissioners

Fossett Brothers Circus has been given a chance of a new beginning by a judge in the Circuit Civil Court. Circuit Court president Mr Justice Raymond G(...)

The court  heard that Fossett’s Circus had been walking a financial tightrope and late last year faced potential collapse

Fossett’s Circus will know in little over a fortnight whether or not it will have to fold up its tents for the last time.Mr Justice Raymond Groarke w(...)