Eckhart Tolle

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While working as an official in the land registry in Dublin, Patrick McMahon became aware of invisible entities communicating with him,

Imagine if you suddenly began hearing voices in the air that followed you wherever you went; heading to work on the train, or out walking on a busy st(...)

‘Anger is a kind of madness; it blots out rational thought.’ File image: Lambert/Getty Images

Jesus lost his cool just once in the New Testament – when he overturned the tables of money changers in the temple – but that has been enough in the m(...)

“In recent years, self-help has altered its guise. We are no longer dieting, we are clean eating, and we aren’t sweating like pigs at aerobics, we are a pilates-performing fitfam.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul was my gateway drug. It was the early 1990s, the United States was in the buoyancy of its early Clinton years, and my mother(...)

Benny Lewis: ‘Language learning would be where you study grammar and you study tables of vocab. You do an exam, and maybe after a few years you might be able to get by in the language. Language hacking, on the other hand, gets you speaking from day one’

Thinking of learning a new language? You need to talk to Benny Lewis. The 35-year-old Cavan man has been called “the Irish polyglot” and “the Eckhart(...)

Accept that anxiety is something that every single one of us is managing; some just feel it worse than others. Photograph: iStock

Whether it’s the back-to-school panic that is invading many homes, the “Monday fear” following a weekend of excess or the crippling anxiety that forc(...)

Reader responses to a recent column illustrate important points about dealing with bullying in the workplace. Photograph: Thinkstock

My recent column on bullying in the workplace brought responses that illustrate important points about dealing with this behaviour. “In my late 20s(...)

O’Neill recaptioned this photograph to read: “This is the only shoot I’ve ever done that I actually enjoyed.”

An Australian teenager with more than half a million followers on Instagram has quit the platform, describing it as “contrived perfection made to get (...)

Dan Harris claims to be 10 per cent happier after five years of searching for something that would calm the yammering in his head. Photograph: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Buddhists believe that if you are really in tune with yourself and able to live in the moment, all these wonderful thoughts and sounds zing in and (...)