Dr Tara Shine with Irish scientists Dr Deirdre Collins and Dr Charlotte Conn during the 2018 Homeward Bound voyage to Antartica.

“You can’t be what you can’t see” is a phrase used to explain in part why women are underrepresented in the Stem disciplines (science, technology, eng(...)

Fiona and John Connolly live  near Skibbereen, West Cork for almost two years. “I feel more at home here than I ever felt in France. Cork is marvellous.” Photograph: Emma Jervis

One year in Ireland: John and Fiona Connolly, Skibbereen John: The perception out there that the Irishman is a thick mick is so wrong it’s unb(...)

“Pop-ups for gaining email subscribers are so important but remember to offer an actual incentive, such as a competition, and don’t ask for much information,” says Seth Smith, founder of Bachelor’s Box

It is almost impossible to start a business without making a few mistakes along the way. Here are a few things entrepreneurs wish they had known befor(...)