Future of work specialist Daniel Susskind believes we’re moving towards a world where there may no longer be enough paid work to go around due to advances in technology. Photograph: iStock

The coronavirus pandemic is prompting quirky shifts in personal behaviour. Sales of grooming and hygiene products such as shampoo, shaving foam and de(...)

Read widely and take in the bigger picture when adapting as a business during a crisis. Photograph: iStock

The timing of her latest book, Uncharted, by chief executive-turned-business-guru Margaret Heffernan couldn’t have been better. It’s all abo(...)

“In the medium term we’re looking at redeployment with a lot of change to come for the professions in the next 15 years.” Photograph: iStock

In 2017, Sebastian Thrun, an adjunct professor at the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in California, unveiled a deep learning algorithm th(...)

“People can think it’s scary and that robots are going to be taking over their jobs, but it needn’t be like that,” says KPMG head of innovation Niall Campbell

The first signs of revolution can come from the most unlikely and the most seemingly modest sources. After all, a relatively minor colonial dispute ab(...)