Craig Taborn

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Donegal brothers Conor and Michael Murray

Saturday, November 30th Sheryl Bailey & Peter Moc Group Arthurs, Dublin Czech-born guitarist Peter Moc first presented his tribute to the music o(...)

Influential US jazz pianist Craig Taborn plays NCH, Dublin (Friday 15th) and the Black Box, Belfast (Saturday 16th)

Saturday 9th  Suzanne Savage Arthurs, Dublin, 9pm, €10, Belfast vocalist, violinist and composer Suzanne Savage is the singer they(...)

Craig Taborn: “The decisions are coming to a large extent in real time, and I find that pretty exciting.”

It’s a sign of a musician comfortable in his own skin that Avenging Angel, Craig Taborn’s much-lauded solo debut for the ECM label in 2011, is not som(...)

If New Orleans was the birthplace of jazz, and New York the scene of its apotheosis, it was Chicago that really pushed the music towards the avant gar(...)

Craig Taborn is a pioneer for sure. He is a searching, inquisitive voice, immersed in the harmonic adventure and rhythmic density of contemporary impr(...)

Farmers by Nature: Love and Ghosts
  • Music
  • September 5, 2014, 00:00

The success of free improvisation is generally down to whatever resources the musicians bring to the stage and the balance they manage to strike – (...)