Conor Oberst

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After The People’s Key in 2011, it looked like Bright Eyes might never make another album again. All three members of the Nebraskan indie-folk band ha(...)

While we would dearly love Pavement to surprise us with something of the same calibre of their 90s’ run of classic albums, this will more than make do. 

Pavement headline this summer’s editions of the Primavera festival in both Barcelona and Porto, evoking fond memories of when they played in 2010 alon(...)

Phoebe Bridgers’s website describes her debut album as a “swooningly beautiful record with a gothic heart”. For the most part it’s easy to agree. The (...)

About six months ago, Conor Oberst released his seventh solo album. Ruminations is so titled because it was written following a period of exhaustion i(...)

There must be something in the water in Bristol, because for the past 40 years the UK city has frequently delivered artists who take chances and make (...)

Teen hero: Conor Oberst embodied the youthful self-centredness I already possessed in bucketloads.

My teenage bedroom is a source of both pride and shame. When I go back to that small, square room I am left face-to-face with the evidence of some emb(...)

Anyone for the “little sisters of The Allman Brothers”? If that’s a scary thought for some, then cease and desist, people, because Rebecca and Mega(...)

 Martina Topley-Bird performs with Massive Attacks. Photograph:  EPA/Jean-Christophe Bott

First Aid KitThis Swedish folk duo are almost unlikely stars, but there is something effortlessly charming about their simple guitar and keys combo an(...)

‘I think my work often tends to be a reaction to the last project I did’

Upside Down Mountain is the first ‘solo’ album bearing your own name since 2008…I know it probably seems like splitting hairs to most people, but I co(...)

The third album by Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor treads a well-trampled path. Soul-pop from the 1960s plays a more prominent role in the Sheffi(...)