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Bob Dylan: the ballad “Polly Vaughn” is a favourite. Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Until a Bob Dylan bootleg version turned up on YouTube recently, the song “Polly Vaughn” (as he sings it) had somehow passed me by. As I now know, it’(...)

Moneypoint: the giant chimneys were built using “continuous pour” concrete. Photograph: Neil Warner/ESB

Norman Freeman’s memories of the Parsons steel plant at Howth (Irishman’s Diary, April 13th) has inspired reader Mike Jennings to recall a story from (...)

Micheál Ó Nualláin – artist, savant, and brother of the comic genius Brian

Readers with long memories might recall the short-lived and highly uninfluential Campaign Against Cold Guinness which I launched in another corner of (...)

Narcissus ‘Rip van Winkle’. Photograph: Richard Johnston

As gardeners, we may occasionally grumble about Ireland’s cool, damp climate but oh, how our daffodils adore it: everywhere I looked this week, I see(...)

Michael Kinirons and  Alicia Ní Ghrainne: ‘He’s very considerate, with great generosity of heart, but he can never find things around the house.’ Photograph: Trevor Hart
The look of love

Tim Duggan and Aoife Flanagan Tim, 33, entrepreneur We met through a close friend and at first she refused to meet up with me for a drink, but in wh(...)

Phil Chevron’s  funeral procession left the Mansion House to the sound of his own version of Thousands Are Sailing, which became a Pogues classic and is recognised as one of the finest songs about Irish emigration. Photograph: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Pogues and Radiators from Space star Phil Chevron’s funeral service - or his “grand finale” as his sister called it - was bookended today by his two b(...)