Colin Mcateer

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Funeral director Colin McAteer at Woodbrook Natural Burial Grounds, Killane, Co Wexford, with his own headstone. Photograph: Patrick Browne

For centuries, we have been told that the body goes from dust to dust and from ashes to ashes. There should be nothing more recyclable. The reality is(...)

Séamus Griffin of Kirwans. Photograph: Frank Millar

In the middle of Dublin a group of friends and family gather to tell funny, moving stories and sing songs while a slideshow of photographs runs behind(...)

 Colin McAteer, Woodbrook Natural Burial Grounds, Killane, Co Wexford with his own headstone. Picture: Patrick Browne

The gap between death and burial is widening: “That would be the one thing I think we’ve done wrong traditionally,” says Séamas Griffin of Kirwans Fun(...)