Kerry fashion designer Don O'Neill working in his studio in New York

Irish fashion designer Don O’Neill started from humble beginnings – not once, but three times in London, Paris and finally New York, where he became t(...)

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Montpellier, when I got there, was doing its best to deal with January’s lack of cheer. It was cold, though not the grey kind left behind in Dublin, a(...)

Kerry fashion designer Don O’Neill working in his studio in New York

Few people come to New York to disappear, not least those in fashion. Whether you’re attending the opening of a Broadway play or standing tall in the (...)

Danielle Romeril: “It was about identity and putting a vision for yourself forward and being lucky enough to have friends who knew a bit more than I did.” Photograph: Johnny McMillan

Don O’Neill recalls his upbringing in Ballyheigue, Co Kerry as nothing short of magical. “The castle behind my house is haunted,” he says. “ We woul(...)

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