Cecily Begley

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Professor Cecily Begley, Professor of Midwifery at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), warned that the risks of mothers dying in childbirth will rise in Ireland unless the rate of caesarian births is brought down.

Expectant mothers are having induced births to have them “out of the way” so they can attend their other children’s First Communions, a conference on (...)

Rates of caesarean sections tripled worldwide between 1990 and 2014 from 6.7 per cent to 19.1 per cent. Photograph: Istock

More than three quarters of all caesarean sections carried out in Ireland and the UK are carried out following a request from the mother, newly publis(...)

Sorcha O’Driscoll with her baby Meara at home in Swords. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

Ask around, and the prevailing wisdom is that giving birth naturally after an initial C-section is either impossible, forbidden, or just simply not an(...)

Research shows one in three mothers in Ireland suffered from pelvic girdle pain three months after giving birth, while one-half had experienced painful sex and one-quarter had not resumed sex. Photograph: Katie Collins/PA

Women in Ireland are experiencing a litany of birth-related hidden health problems affecting every aspect of their lives, according to a major new stu(...)

Women  who had a caesarean section were also more likely to require repeat trips to a GP, to visit an emergency department or to be readmitted to a hospital than those who underwent natural births.

Women should be made more aware of potential health complications arising from caesarean sections before undergoing the operation, a leading midwifery(...)