Leo von Buenau, Maedhbh Ní Chumhaill, Emily Longworth and Kiki Needham with their bikes for the Green-Schools #andshecycles campaign. Photograph: Ste Murray

Why are so few teenage girls cycling to school? This was the question that the An Taisce Green Schools programme managers asked school-going girls rec(...)

The majority of children referred to obesity programmes declined to take part or subsequently dropped out, the IPH conference heard. Photograph: Thinkstock

The majority of families referred to services to treat childhood obesity refuse to attend, and many who take up appointments later drop out, a health (...)

Some 63 per cent of private patients delayed going to see a GP due to cost, while 68 per cent delayed seeing a consultant for this reason. Photograph: Getty Images

More than 60 per cent of private patients are delaying going to see a GP or consultant due to the cost involved, according to a new survey.A similar n(...)

The need to place a renewed focus on the importance of caring and compassion for patients in the development of nursing as a p(...)