‘Who knows the name of the mountain the Von Trapps walked over to get to Switzerland at the end of the film?” My cousin rockets out of the seat(...)

The Von Trapp family ensemble, with Steven Houghton as Captain von Trapp, in the original The Sound of Music stage show, which comes to Dublin from August 17th

It is 50 years since Julie Andrews threw her arms open and declared the hills alive with the sound of music, but still no one has answered a very i(...)

“To try to find out what actually happened I called Journeys’ headquarters where a woman directed me to an online statement that said the company was investigating the matter. Having been thus unhelpful she added: ‘Thank you! Have a great day!’”

Until last month, Niki, Jess and TJ worked at a shoe store in a Rochester, New York shopping mall, where they passed their days inserting children’s s(...)