The Raconteurs

You know how it is: you get together with your musician friends, form a band, make two hit albums, win a Grammy for one of them and then forget all ab(...)

There are surely hundreds of musicians – landlocked and lawyered-up in bands – that look at Jack White and wonder how he has managed to do exactly wha(...)

Alison Curtis of Today FM: “Definitely getting on that bus is the moment that changed my career path.”

I moved to Ireland in February 1999... I’ll have to do something next year in celebration. I had never done any radio in Canada, where I had just grad(...)

Thomas Walsh: “I thought there was one record in me that I should make for myself.” Photograph: Graham Keogh

In a world of media-managed pop stars, blander-than-beige musicians and so-called rock stars too afraid to stick their heads above the parapet for ris(...)

While other young musicians pour their most profound thoughts on to their lyric sheet, Courtney Barnett finds the tedium of modern life more i(...)

It’s the late 1970s, and you’re living in southern California. Not to put too fine a point on it, you’re screwed. Admit it – life sucks; you wo(...)