Brendan Behan

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 Brendan Behan: a running jump off the slipway and into the water. Photograph: Eddie Kelly

As a teenager in the 1950s I used swim every summer at Seapoint, Co Dublin. It was a simple and happy time which I look back on with great joy. Anoth(...)

The Gaiety Theatre (Romeo and Juliet – The Last Act) by Jack B Yeats (€100,000 - €150,000).

Jack B Yeats’ 1927 painting The Gaiety Theatre, Dublin (Romeo and Juliet – The Last Act) will feature as one of the headline lots at the forthcoming d(...)

Frank McKelvey, Fishing Boats on Donegal Coast (€4,500-€5,500), Adam’s Blackrock

RESULTS November 23rd Morgan O’Driscoll Irish and International Art sale Jug, William Scott €85,000 (€80,000-€120,000); Maam Valley, Paul Henry €66,(...)

This was historically one of the more watery parts of Dublin, hence “Grand Canal Place”, “Basin Street”, and even the “Old Harbour Bar” (aka Harkin’s)

At the back of Guinness’s Brewery these days is a building site that helps explain some of the locality’s now otherwise mysterious place names. This w(...)

William Rowan Hamilton: a role model for good practice in the age of Covid

On top of being a mathematical genius, William Rowan Hamilton was a role model for good practice in the age of Covid. His epochal discovery of quatern(...)

Catherine Freeman outside BBC Broadcasting House in London in the 1950s

Born: August 10th, 1931 Died: July 15th, 2020 The BBC in the 1950s was not a hostile place for women, but it was slow to recognise their abilities. F(...)

Dave Hannigan with his sons Charlile and Finn.

Some months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks I was driving three Muslim lads through the outskirts of New York City when my battered Honda Accord shud(...)

 Denis O’Brien’s Communicorp remains free to impose arbitrary blanket bans on any group of people it does not like. Photograph: Frank Miller

Is “cancel culture” a real thing or just another way to weaponise the self-pity of powerful men? Donald Trump is banking on it to restore his rapidly (...)

Sheila Forsey is an honours graduate from Maynooth in creative writing. The Secret of Eveline House is published by Poolbeg Press

Tell us about your new work and how it came about – the story behind the story. My new book is a work of historical fiction and is called The Secret o(...)

Brendan Behan: Liverpool and its docks were infamously the target of a 16-year-old Brendan Behan. Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Thanks to Paul Cooper (Letters, May 14th), I now know there is a Fontenoy Street in Liverpool as well as Dublin.  And as I have since learned, th(...)

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