Kate Winslet, nominated for  Mare of Easttown

FILM Motion Picture Cast Belfast CODA Don’t Look Up House of Gucci King Richard Male Actor in a Leading Role – Motion Picture Javier Bardem, Being(...)

Had we seen none of Cumberbatch’s earlier troubled intellectuals, we might embrace his performance with enthusiasm

A few weeks ago we noted that, in The Power of the Dog, Benedict Cumberbatch seemed to have escaped typecasting as a class of busy, neuroatypical geni(...)

Streaming this month: The Book of Boba Fett. Photograph: Disney+

PRIME VIDEO Harlem Now streaming If the privileged ecosystem of And Just Like That is leaving you cold with the show’s desperate attempts to assimila(...)

Spider-Man: No Way Home winks so furiously at the audience that it risks rupturing a ligament. Photograph: Sony Pictures

We regret to tell you that the liveliest and least pretentious of the Marvel sub-sequences has made one “for the fans”. Our friends at a major US pub(...)

Jane Campion on the set of The Power of the Dog: Photograph: Cross City Films Limited/Netflix

Published in 1967, Thomas Savage’s ranch western The Power of the Dog opens with a vivid account of cattle castration: “Phil always did the castrating(...)

Benedict Cumberbatch stars as last cowboy and irredeemable thug Phil Burbank in Jane Campion’s best film in years.  Photograph: Courtesy of Netflix

Jane Campion’s latest film is not really a western, but if it were it would be one of those that – among other business – marks the final shift from r(...)

Kirsten Dunst. Photograph: Erik Carter/The New York Times

The star gives one of her best performances in her new film, The Power of the Dog. That’s no mean feat when you’re sleep-deprived from bringing up (...)

Belfast: Jude Hill in Kenneth Branagh’s new film

Buckle up for a long and angry awards season. At this time of year we traditionally look forward to warming our winter souls with fury at British (and(...)

Olivia Colman and Paul Mescal star in The Lost Daughter, directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal. Photograph: Netflix

“The smell of Venice suffused the night, lacustrine essences richly distilled. Late summer was hot here.” So begins Anthony Powell’s Temporary Kings,(...)

What If...?: Captain Carter romps around Nazi-conquered Europe in a Rule, Britannia bodysuit. Illustration: Disney+

The row between Martin Scorsese and the extended universe of comic-book fandom has roared back to life. Chucking a gas canister on the bonfire is the (...)

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