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Fish pie with  shellfish and   Parmesan crust. Photograph: iStock

Remember when chef Wade Murphy of Restaurant 1826 in Adare took part in the RTÉ TV show Healthy Appetite a while back, and almost gave dietician Aveen(...)

Even making small changes can improve the way you look and feel

Most of us know which foods are healthy and which are not and how a nutritionally balanced diet with adequate amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, (...)

“As we age, we experience a slight loss of muscle mass and our metabolic rate slightly decreases.” Photograph: iStock

Like many people, it took me until my 40s to start to feel like I had a handle on life. The insecurities of youth are (mostly) a thing of the past and(...)

A recent report in Nature  suggests adopting a flexitarian diet and cutting down to just one portion of red meat a week.

I’m 24 hours into my experiment in veganism when I make my first mistake. I reach into my bag and mindlessly grab a Triple X mint. Only after I’ve eat(...)

Adam Byatt, Aveen Bannon, Pamela Flood, and Ross Golden-Bannon

There’s an old saying that you should never trust a thin chef. What, then, should we make of a cooking show fronted by a former model? “Can you make (...)

First into the Healthy Appetite test kitchen are chefs Kate Lawlor of The Oyster Tavern in Cork, and Gary O’Hanlon, culinary director at BaxterStorey

If you want to make a chef cry, put the salt out of reach, bin the sugar and ban the butter. Let’s hope no tears – apart from crocodile ones – are sh(...)

“Self-help books are  an industry, and the author is earning a livelihood. They are selling a hot topic, and often an extreme of something.”

Many years ago, after a break-up, a well-meaning friend gave me a book about embracing single life and finding empowerment within. I’ll admit to nev(...)

Cooking different meals and foods based on the likes and dislikes of the child can have huge consequences. Photograph: Getty Images

It is one of those things that before you became a parent, you never imagined you would do: cook different dishes for dinner, to suit individual taste(...)