Armin Laschet

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CDU candidate for chancellor  Armin Laschet: ‘These comparisons with trains – I don’t make them myself.’  Photograph: Clemens Bilan/EPA

Elections in a small eastern German state with fewer people than Berlin may have marked the turning point in a year that will determine who succeeds A(...)

CDU leader Armin Laschet: Result will help assuage doubts about his ability to win the Bundestag election in September. Photograph: Marcel Kusch/AFP/Getty

Germany’s Christian Democrats won a decisive victory in elections in the eastern state of Saxony-Anhalt on Sunday, in a huge boost for their leader Ar(...)

Hans-Georg Massen has been described as the right man to keep local conservative voters from drifting right to the Alternative für Deutschland. File photograph: Getty

Hans-Georg Maassen is a man on a mission. Depending on who you ask, the bespectacled 58-year-old civil servant either wants to save the West from itse(...)

 Christian Democratic Union party’s Armin Laschet: “We need to clean out bureaucracy, create a modern and service-oriented state that acts quickly and with foresight.”  Photograph: Stefanie Loos/Bloomberg

Armin Laschet should be savouring this moment, his elevation to the ranks of Europe’s political super league. The 60-year-old native of Aachen in Ger(...)

CDU leader Armin Laschet: Secured just two-thirds support from  his own party board. Photograph: Filip Singer/EPA

Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) leader Armin Laschet has joined the race to be the country’s next chancellor after a Bavarian rival ended a(...)

CDU leader Armin Laschet is seen at an event in Berlin, Germany, last week. Photograph: Clemens Bilan/EPA

When is a lockdown not a lockdown? When it’s a German lockdown. A year after the country’s first Covid-19 restrictions, a linguistic misunderstanding (...)

Merkel meets her match

Even by Angela Merkel’s own tastes, the last act of Germany’s opera-loving chancellor is bursting with high drama. After nearly 16 years astride the p(...)

 People sit in the sun in Berlin: From Friday, the city has banned all gatherings of more than two people between 9pm and 5am. Photograph: Maja Hitij/Getty

With a summery Easter weekend looming, Berlin, Hamburg and Brandenburg have imposed night-time restrictions in response to recent gatherings of crowds(...)

Chancellor Angela Merkel still has six months until her fourth and final term ends in Berlin, but the post-Merkel era began on Sunday night. Photograph:  Clemens Bilan/ AFP via Getty Images

Chancellor Angela Merkel still has six months until her fourth and final term ends in Berlin, but the post-Merkel era began on Sunday night. In two re(...)

The elections are seen as a critical test for Armin Laschet, above, the new leader of the Christian Democratic Union. Photograph: Marcel Kusch/Pool/AFP via Getty

German chancellor Angela Merkel’s centre-right bloc has been rocked by scandal after two of its MPs were forced to resign following disclosures they h(...)

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