Digicel office in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The company expects to generate $90 million from a previously-announced disposal of 450 towards across the Caribbean by the end of September. File photograph: Thony Belizaire/AFP/Getty Images

Digicel’s chief executive, Alexander Matuschka Greiffenclau, has signalled the company is considering taking advantage of the low market value of some(...)

Digicel in Jamaica: The incoming CEO, Alexander Matuschka Greiffenclau, will be  guided by Project Swan/Digicel 2030, the change programme initiated by former CEO Colm Delves

The person manning the controls has changed, but the challenge for Denis O’Brien’s telco, Digicel, remains the same: how to profitably transform from (...)

German businessman Alexander Matuschka Greiffenclau joins Digicel from his role as chief performance officer at Dutch-based telco Veon.

Colm Delves is stepping down as chief executive of Digicel, Denis O’Brien’s Caribbean mobile phone company, after more than a dozen years at the helm.(...)