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Minister for Health Simon Harris said pharmaceutical companies might be “reluctant to commit to significant expenditure to address issues that may, or may not, arise”. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Pharmaceutical companies in Ireland have called on Minister for Health Simon Harris to host a roundtable meeting to ensure the continued supply of med(...)

IPHA president GSK’s Aidan Lynch (centre); IPHA vice-president Paul Reid (Pfizer); and Bayer’s Itziar Canamasas with the Manifesto for Better Health ahead of the IPHA annual conference on November 8th. Photograph: Justin Mac Innes

Big Pharma in Ireland has an image problem. At least that’s how it sees it. “I think we are not seen as a trusted partner,” says Aidan Lynch, presid(...)

The pharmaceutical industry has urged the Government to introduce “predictable multi-annual budgeting” for breakthrough medicines in the budget process.

The pharmaceutical industry is urging the Government to introduce “predictable multiannual budgeting” for breakthrough medicines in the budget process(...)

More than 7,000 medicines are currently  in development across Europe.  Photograph: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg

The announcement of the latest Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association pricing and supply agreement is a success for Irish healthcare and, most i(...)

SDLP leader Dr Alasdair McDonnell said the so-called ‘Brexit’ possibility transcended traditional divisions on the islands

Uncertainty over Britain’s future membership of the EU is undermining the political stability necessary for prosperity, the annual British-Irish chamb(...)