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Boris Johnson is the current highest profile exponent of this art. The UK’s new prime minister has evoked a “can do spirit” to defeat “the doubters, the doomsters, the gloomsters”, whom he believes threaten Brexit

Three cheers for positive thinking! The evidence suggests instilling what the psychologists call “positive affect” has a variety of knock-on benefits.(...)

One runner helps another cross the finish-line in the 2018 Boston Marathon. Photograph: Winslow Townson/USA Today Sports

This year’s Boston Marathon, with its horizontal rain and freezing temperatures, wasn’t just an ordeal unfolding amid some of the worst weather in dec(...)

Anna Phelan at TED headquarters in New York

Working Abroad Q&A: Each week, Irish Times Abroad meets an Irish person working in an interesting job overseas. This week, Anna Phelan, from Kilke(...)

Sheryl Sandberg and her husband, Dave Goldberg, during a trip to Italy.

Two years ago next Monday, while on a weekend break in Mexico with her husband, Sheryl Sandberg suddenly realised he had been missing for several hour(...)

Stolen heavy machinery was used to remove the ATM machine from a wall of the filling station.

A Co Armagh man charged in relation to recovery of an ATM at Drumass, Iniskeen, Co Monaghan last week is legally detained, lawyers for the State have (...)

Can giving be bad for you? Yes, if you’re giving to the wrong people, according to Prof Adam Grant of the University of Pennsylvania.Generally speakin(...)