Chanel Miller: ‘It will always be part of my life.’ Photograph: Preston Gannaway/New York Times

Until recently, when friends came to Chanel Miller’s apartment, she would throw a bag over the Glamour Woman of the Year award that she received in 20(...)

Older workers may be more expensive, but experts say they outperform younger ones on almost every measure of job performance. Photograph: iStock

Have you seen this year’s global list of 60 top entrepreneurs over 60? What about the best novelists over 50? Or the winner of the old scientist award(...)

Chanel Miller: she has just published a memoir, Know My Name. Photograph: Mariah Tiffany

For four years, the woman whose Stanford University sexual assault case caused a public outcry in the United States has been known only as “Emily Doe(...)

File photograph of Stanford University campus. File photograph: Reuters

A woman who was sexually assaulted in 2015 on the campus of Stanford University in the US by a college swimmer and read a powerful statement at his se(...)

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Photograph: Rachel Mummey/The New York Times, Mark Felix/The New York Times

Joe Biden on Wednesday will face rival Kamala Harris in a highly anticipated rematch after a searing confrontation during last month’s presidential de(...)

Incidentaloma  are unanticipated findings which are not related to the original reason for a test.

You go to your GP with low back pain. She organises an MRI scan to check if you have a slipped spinal disc. Your spine is fine, but the radiologist no(...)

Esaïe Prickett, wearing Google Glass, with his mother, Rose, and brother Morgan at their home. Photograph: Cayce Clifford/The New York Times

When Esaïe Prickett sat down in the living room with his mother, father and four older brothers, he was the only one wearing Google Glass. As Esaïe, (...)

An artist’s rendering of a brain/computer interface made by Neuralink. The San Francisco-based company  says it has created a device that could one day wire data links directly to the brain

Elon Musk aspires to make inserting a computer connection into your brain as safe and painless as Laser eye surgery. Neuralink, a company in which Mus(...)

Ukrainian rock star turned politician Svyatoslav Vakarchuk (centre) campaigning for his new Holos (Voice) party in Odessa on Sunday, a week before parliamentary elections. Photograph: Daniel McLaughlin

A year ago, two of Ukraine’s most popular entertainers were still busy doing the things that made them famous: Volodymyr Zelenskiy was working on anot(...)

Does the Charter for Compassion get us closer to doing unto others as we would want them to do unto us?

Last month RTÉ showed a programme called Divorcing God. Its theme was whether the decline in Catholic religious practice in Ireland was depriving soci(...)

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