Lero director Brian Fitzgerald believes software overriding human decisions is mostly okay as it is generally more accurate and helps eliminate human errors.

Every business is now a software business in one way or another. That’s the view of Lero director Brian Fitzgerald, who points out that everything fro(...)

Cell Explorers founder and director Dr Muriel Grenon.

Congratulations, you recently won a Science Foundation Ireland award for outstanding contribution to Stem communication. Tell us about Cell Explorers.(...)

‘One project is looking at detecting greenwashing by using AI,’ notes  Dr Ruth Freeman. ‘The aim is to develop technology which can analyse sustainability claims and verify them.’

Foetal health, maternal wellbeing, zero-electricity cooling technology and AI-powered home-appliance recycling. These are just a few of the research p(...)

Members of the multi-disciplinary Imagining 2050 team.

A cross-disciplinary research team from University College Cork (UCC) and Queens University Belfast (QUB) is working with communities already impacted(...)

Declan Murphy:  ‘Our system . . . analyses, cleans, and categorises while highlighting key skills and competencies.’

In 2013 Declan Murphy faced a big career upheaval after a global merger at the company for whom he worked. A redundancy cheque was offered and Mu(...)

Dr Una FitzGerald at the 2019 Science Foundation Ireland summit. ‘On November 7th, our Cúram lab at NUIG became the first lab in Europe to be Green Lab certified,’ she says. Photograph:  Jason Clarke

What is the main area of research in neuroscience? “I am interested in brain cells that become damaged during the autoimmune disorder multiple sclero(...)

Irish Times education columnist Brian Mooney, Dr Maurice Manning and publisher  Phyllis Mitchell at the recent publication of Ireland’s Yearbook of Education.

The Department of Education has clashed with the country’s largest State-funded research agency over how taxpayers’ money should be spent, documents s(...)

Equinome founder Emmeline Hill: “What we’re doing is assessing the natural variation or the natural genetics of an individual.” Photograph: Peter Houlihan

Emmeline Hill doesn’t like the term “luck”. Perhaps it’s the scientist in her. But she will concede that she’s been fortunate. Hill grew up around ho(...)

A visualisation of gravitational waves pictured during a press conference by the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) at the Leibniz University in Hanover, Germany, in 2016. Photograph: Julian Stratensculte/EPA.

The Government is increasingly under fire for how the nation lags its European counterparts in funding basic, “blue skies”research, the kind in which (...)

Dylan Monaghan (3) at the Med 3DP exhibition piece created by bioengineering students at Trinity College. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw/The Irish Times

So, you’re finally going to do it. After years of talking about it, you’ve decided to take a bold step for the environment by eliminating all plastic (...)

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