Hiring a third party to spread disinformation allows political groups to keep themselves at arm’s length. Image: iStock

Politicians are increasingly hiring private companies to spread disinformation online, according to researchers who found campaigns run by third-party(...)

Facebook is ‘a vast archive of human behaviour and culture assembled in one place’.

In about 50 years the dead could outnumber the living on Facebook, according to estimates by scholars at the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) who say t(...)

The study examined data from more than 17,000 teenagers. Photograph: Getty Images

The amount of time teenagers spend staring at screens has little impact on their mental health, according to a major Oxford University study involving(...)

A day after Facebook made its announcement, Google said it would suspend all ads related to the plebiscite

The decision by Google and Facebook to block abortion-related ads in the run-up to the last referendum in the Republic was “too little, too late,” acc(...)

 British foreign secretary Boris Johnson beside a   Leave Vote bus in the build-up to last year’s Brexit referendum. Photograph:  Matt Cardy/Getty Images

An academic study set to be released on Tuesday casts doubt on speculation that Russia might have exploited social media to try to influence Britain’s(...)

Jan Philipp Albrecht is the European parliamentary politician most closely identified with the politics of the digital era. At a time when data(...)