Personal data: official documents from the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the organisation that makes the rules for online ad auctions, reveal categories for targeting internet users include one titled “IAB7-28 Incest/Abuse Support”

New evidence of how ad auction companies, including Google, profile internet users based on sensitive personal information, including diseases and dis(...)

  Ireland might   want to look to Denmark, which was ranked number one on the UN’s World Happiness Index for 2013, 2014, and 2016.  Photograph: iStock

The 19th century Scottish writer and philosopher Thomas Carlyle famously called economics “the dismal science”. But much has changed in economics over(...)

Ireland, the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands had the highest percentage of their fishing quotas for 2018 in excess of scientific advice. Photograph: Annie Sakkab/Bloomberg

Ireland is one of the worst EU member states for overfishing in the Atlantic, and is undermining international efforts to restore fish stocks to susta(...)

Residents of Venice hold a banner saying “My future is Venice” during a protest against mass tourism  in the Italian city on July 2nd. Photograph:  Manuel Silvestri/Reuters

With the continent sweltering under a heatwave nicknamed Lucifer, tempers have been boiling over, too, as a wave of anti-tourism protests take place i(...)

Ireland was declared top of the newly created “Good Country Index”, a measure of  how countries help others

Ireland, it’s fair to say, punches above its weight in many respects, and there is one area in which it truly excels: international indices. After top(...)

The five-a-day for physical health which involves eating five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is a useful framework which we can borrow to help(...)

Smile as you dial: Nev Wilshire, the hands-on-manager, with Kayleigh, one of the staff, in the fly-on-the-wall series The Call Centre. Photograph: BBC

Does your work make you happy? Are your colleagues content? Does it matter a whit? Employment experts from around Europe who converged in Dublin this (...)