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Former M*A*S*H* star Alan Alda was the guest speaker at the recent SciCom conference in Dublin. The actor  now leads a science communication programme at Stonybrook University.  Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

“I want you all to join me in a rally to save the parasites,” says Maureen Williams onstage at the Science Gallery in Dublin’s Trinity College. “The s(...)

"The rationale is that tomatoes traditionally have a more stable and much higher yield than peppers, with up to 110 tonnes of fruit per hectare compared to around three tonnes per hectare where chillies are grown." Photograph: Getty Images

Adding a spicy kick to a tomato sandwich or pasta sauce may get considerably easier if the recently published work of researchers from NUI Galway goes(...)

Choosing a further- or higher-education college is not as straightforward as choosing where to go on holiday. Photograph: iStock

Going to college isn’t cheap. First, there’s the cost of registration fees, currently capped at €3,000. Then students need to shell out for books, acc(...)

Suzanne Moloney, founder of Hidramed Solutions: “Our product enables patients to change a dressing quickly and easily – in less than 30 seconds – and, most importantly, without any adhesive skin contact”

In 2018 Suzanne Moloney was accepted onto the BioExcel medtech accelerator at NUI Galway. To the outside world this might not seem like a big deal, bu(...)

The back wall of the Magdalene laundry on Gloucester Street in Dublin, which closed in 1996. The remaining structure was demolished last year. Photograph: Paulo Nunes dos Santos/New York Times

This year, politicians must do what is right by survivors and family members of deceased victims of all forms of so-called historical abuse in Ireland(...)

The Black Mamba, the largest venomous snake in Africa. The researchers found strong evidence that venoms have evolved to be more potent toward animals that are more closely related to their diet

Irish researchers have revealed why the venom of some snakes makes them more deadly than others – and how venom has evolved depending on where they li(...)

Exam boards are ‘having to put up a fight’ to avoid grades being inflated. Photograph: iStock

Students are most likely to secure first or upper-second class degrees at Dublin City University (72 per cent), followed by University College Dublin (...)

Students are most likely to get a first-class honour in Trinity (20 per cent) than in any other university, figures show. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Which university offers the best shot of a first-class or 2.1 degree? Is there much difference between University College Dublin and Trinity College D(...)

AtriAN Medical co-founders Barry O’Brien and Ken Coffey.

Atrial fibrillation (AFib) is the most common form of abnormal heart rhythm, affecting millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that 9 per cent o(...)

Students in Northern Ireland are entitled to apply for coursessthrough the CAO but are often unaware this is an option. Photograph: iStock

My son will sit his A Levels in Northern Ireland next summer. He plans to apply to UK universities, but would also like to make an application to Iris(...)

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